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March 2018
This months cover features “Little Allice”, winner of the 2017 ARPJ Ace Bird of the Year for Ross Chapman of South Australia.
ARPJ Ace Bird of the Year Award Winner 2017
Little Alice - By Ross Chapman
Season Reminders - By Greg McKnight
Malt Extract vs. Honey - By Paul Gibbs
Sheer Co-incidence or Substance - By Paul Gibbs
A Story of Reliability - From The Northern Wanderer
Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2018 Final Result
Introducing Ian Green of Deception Bay - North Brisbane QLD - By P.J. Matthews
National Rota Virus Update - By Dr Colin Walker
Mr J W Toft’s Visit to Australia - By Daniel Pianto
Horsham Homing Club Celebrates 100 years - By Brian Watts
Mauricio Jemal~ “I Salute You!” - By Silvio Mattacchione