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April 2018
This months cover features fanciers from Queensland and Sydney who were visiting the lofts of Vic Borg.
Tom Mix of Western Australia - By Brian Brennan
Record Response to Welfare Standards During Public Consultation - From Animal Health Australia
Snowflake Pigeons - By Greg McKnight
Tesla - By Paul Gibbs
Eddie “Abe” Abramoski of Buffalo, New York, USA - By Daniel Pianto
John Burke and Peter Kriss of Shepparton - From The Northern Wanderer
André Scerri – Victory lofts - 1st Malta National, Brindisi, 620km 2015 - By Tony Harte
Yang & Gao - The SAHPA’s Newest Partnership - From Peter Burke
My New Zealand Visit - By Brian Batchelor
Clubs Helping Each Other - By Peter D’Arcy
A Quick Trip To Perth - February 2018 - By Peter Longville
Mauricio Jemal~ “I Salute You!” Part 2 - By Silvio Mattacchione