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Pigeons Progeny - Loft Management Software

I first developed the Pigeons Progeny Loft Management software almost 20 years ago. It has recently been upgraded, with the new version 4 being compatiable with all versions of Windows up to and including the current Windows 10. A major part of this upgrade was the addition of a feed calculator allowing a fancier to easily calculate the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fats in their mixture. Another addition has been the ability to save a pedigree as a PDF file without the need for any third party software, making it easier to send a pedigree to a friend. The other major addition has been 6 new pedigree formats, samples of which can be found below.
Those with the old version of the software can upgrade for $45 or new users may purchase the entire system for $125. For more details contact the Editor.

Click on the images below to view samples of new pedigree designs.